Employee Education Programs

The Clinic for Health and Energy Restoration can help to improve your workplace environment by offering interactive seminars and lunch and learns. We educate employees with preventative health programs and wellness options by:

1. Facilitating workshops that are informative and fun
2. Providing wellness handouts for employees.
3. Option to make workshops interactive, adding useful acupressure point exercises.
4. Option to team with exercise professionals offering half and half workshop and exercise classes with Pilates, Yoga or Nia.
5. Option to provide personal health information such as mini iris checks (Iridology), or testing for food sensitivities. (Some options will depend on the number of employees)
6. Option to provide demonstrations of various treatments.
7. Option for company to work with me to organize a program that best suits their needs.


Getting to the point of improving general health/prevention
Getting to the point of pain/inflammation. (headaches, arthritis, sinus)
Getting to the point of stress/depression/anxiety. (relaxing nervous system)
Getting to the point of allergies and immunity. (cut sickness in the workplace)
Getting to the point of our skin. (the most under-diagnosed health organ today)
Getting to the point of addictions (smoking, food, alcohol, other)
Getting to the point of premature aging. (slow down aging - tips and advice)
Getting to the point of digestion and weight management. (can include blood type and Chinese eating therapies)

Why not pick four workshops for a Wellness month twice a year to help get your employees on their way to taking control of their own health and wellness. INFORMATION IS POWER!!!

Cheryl has facilitated workshops and demonstrations on various different topics relating to health, acupressure, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, iridology and JMT (auto-immune and food allergies). Cheryl has spoken at the Durham District school Board, East Dale Collegiate High School, Power of Women Enterprises luncheons, Benefits for Women Health shows, Hastings & Prince Edward County District School Board - Professional Development days for E.A.'s, Roger's TV Channel 10, First Take Live talk and demo with Denise Marek -Chex channel 12. Cheryl has also partaken in promoting natural wellness at many other businesses, schools, and other organizations during their wellness days.