I've had enough, i quit


Whatever you do, please do NOT start a healthcare recruiting business, because that's precisely what I'm doing.

Don't know if this has ever happened to you, but I simply woke up one day and thought, "why am I still doing this?" The eventual answer was, "I'm not going to anymore."

My name is Brian Calsyn and in the past 15 years I have had a variety of high-growth business ventures around the recruiting industry. From investing in pending personal injury claims, generating sales leads with research software, or establishing offices in healthcare recruiting, I have had some unique businesses.

First, let me promise you, I am NOT going to try and sell you on starting a healthcare recruiting business. That's the last thing I want you to do, because I am.

I'm starting a "super" search firm with recruiters, sourcers and researchers that I will manage personally, from one location. I have found one specific medical niche, along with a hospital executive niche, that will grow like crazy for the next few years. It's all due to the ACA (Affordable Care Act) that is implemented on January, 1, 2014.

Even though I don't want you as a competitor, I would like you to consider participating in another way. It requires minimal capital and will provide you with an attractive return. I would like to first give you some details and then furnish you with a Confidentiality Agreement if you want to take a closer look.

Let me first share a little about myself: I'm an entrepreneur by necessity. A drug conviction from a bad decision 24 years ago left me with a mark on my resume that ruled out typical corporate employment. I am a "hunter," plain and simple, with commission sales and business ownership (a high-brow term for commission sales) as my only path toward significant income.

You can read more on my background at my LinkedIn page and there is a more detailed synopsis in the business summary I am hoping to send you. The short of it is that I have had companies that have done millions of dollars in annual revenue, and profit, I have also funded bombs that never got out of the starting gates. Here are some highlights:

Co-founded the first litigation finance company and took it national with 400 sophisticated investors and a network of attorneys reviewing cases

Invented a personal injury claim settlement website that let claimants settle their own claim without an attorney

Built a $2-3 million per year company furnishing training and software to 1000 recruiting firms

Founded and grew a healthcare recruiting network to 700 members and $9 million per year in annual revenue before litigation killed it

I have put over 2,000 people into their own businesses in the past fifteen years. I have had the good fortune of getting to know a large number of awesome, high-integrity, genuine people and watching them build great businesses. Unfortunately, as with any sales oriented venture, there are other types of people too.

You have self-starters and go-getters, you also have needy folks, negative people, as well as those that are clueless or never satisfied. And yes, some percentage either don't do the work necessary or don't have the aptitude for it and fail. Unfortunately, a portion of those that fail will also seek to blame someone, with the easiest target being the company/person that got them into the business. Then you get complaining, whining and worst of all - attorneys.

With all the potential in healthcare search, who needs it? Not me, not anymore anyway.

I have helped a lot of people build six and seven figure businesses. In the last year I have been working with two of them that have seven figure healthcare recruiting businesses. I have taken somewhat of a shellacking financially in recent years and in the process of building things back up I have been working an active recruiting desk with them.

What that means is that I contact hospitals, physician groups, and medical companies to determine if they have personnel needs they can't handle on their own. When they do, I contract with them for search services. In other words, I enter into retained or contingency search agreements where they agree to pay me $20,000 to $40,000 if I recruit a candidate for them that they eventually hire.

Once a contract is in place I start canvassing, selling and screening candidates before submitting them to my client. After submitting the candidate, I seek to manage and control the interview process to affect a positive outcome, the hiring of my candidate and payment of my search fee.

Typically, it's not so much that a company can't find applicants. They usually can. It's more a matter that they can't find the right candidates, with the right experience and skills. Here's an example:

I have a client (employer) looking for a physician in a particular specialty (that I intentionally will not disclose) to cover three locations and help grow the practice. Two year track to partner with $300,000 annual guarantee for first two years and a friendly partner buy in. They had six applicants, most of them straight out of their fellowship, the others low quality docs. But that's not what they want. The client wants a stud who has built a practice, managed mid-level providers and can develop new business. That guy/gal has to be recruited away from what they are currently doing. My candidate has a successful practice, wasn't looking when I called him, but is willing to listen because he would like to be part of something bigger. Finding that person, unearthing them, is the value of a true headhunter. The best candidates are already in positions, but have issues with their compensation, their partners, their location, etc. The only way to find them is with aggressive sales effort.

Over the last year, working exclusively with commission salespeople, healthcare executives, doctors, and others looking for solutions to their business problems, has been incredible. First, search is a fun business for a "hunter." I dig it and I'm good at it. Even more though, I am working today with decision makers and producers, straight shooters that want more growth, more income, more control, and they view me as a professional conduit to get it. They have a problem, I have the solution. No complaining, no whining. They use me, or they don't. They want the job, or they don't.

At the same time, a big shift has occurred in key areas of healthcare that has really gotten my attention. It relates to the Affordable Care Act, which takes effect January 1st, 2014. As you might imagine, the healthcare world is scrambling, placing their bets on what next year will look like and who they will need on their team. I have identified a handful of medical specialties and healthcare executive roles that are seeing tremendous growth pressure right now. These areas will continue to expand over the next two years, while even others will develop.

I can make a pretty good living just doing this on my own. However, I am looking to do more, much more. I am determined to build a multi-million dollar search firm with commission salespeople I manage myself. Problem is, doing it from scratch and slowly, over time, expanding with commission based recruiters will take too long, three to four years by my estimate.

With the right help I can reach the same levels in one year, and that is where you might just come in. If you recognize the growth in healthcare and want to capitalize on it with a nice financial return, but want "passive," behind the scenes, involvement, I have something for you to review. Just submit my confidentiality agreement and I will send you my business summary and brief you on what I'm doing.

If you have questions or want to talk immediately, call me right now at 314-753-0369.